How entrepreneurs have replaced inventors?

Throughout history, the innovators, the inventors, and the creatives didn't have much financial gain from their contributions to the human race...

Einstein didn't even get to be a millionaire.

Tesla dies hungry and almost homeless.

What changed in the 20th century was that innovators were able to get billions along with impacting the world...

Henry Ford became super-rich while toning in the assembly line

Steve Jobs became an icon & gained millions when he gave us all the personal computer

Ever since then; we started to figure out (logically) what entrepreneurship means, and what is it that makes an entrepreneur. All of that is helpful, but somewhere along the way, we forgot what entrepreneurship and innovation are all about. I won't dare to try to write about what innovation is, but I dare tell you what it's not:

It's not following a narrow set of rules and guidelines.

It's not about mimicking previous victories.

But don't take my work on it, here is what Peter Thiel the co-founder of PayPal & one of the top venture capitalist in the world said:

"The next Bill Gates will not start an operating system. The next Larry Page won't start a search engine. The next Mark Zuckerberg won't start a social network company. If you are copying these people, you are not learning from them"

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