Did startups founder replace inventors?

Throughout history, the innovators didn't have much financial gain from their contributions to the human race...

Einstein didn't even get to be a millionaire.

Tesla dies hungry & homeless.

What changed in the 20th century was that innovators were able to get billions along with impacting the world...

Henry Ford became super-rich while toning in the assembly line.

Steve Jobs became an icon & gained millions when he gave us all the personal computers.

I feel so grateful to have been born after the '80s, I get to have a shot at being a millionaire without having to save money for 3 decades working a soul-sucking job. And what is awesome is that I am doing the best thing I can possibly be doing for my country & all of the human race by building startups. Don't believe me, let's look at the facts:

  • Just 1 twenty years old startup accounts for 1% of all of the U.S GDP 2019 (Amazon ~280b of U.S GDP 2018~21b)

  • Net job creation in the U.S is "0.00" from corporations but is quite positive from startups (aka startups make more jobs than they destroy)

In the 21 century, governments all over the world took notice of this. 20 years ago we only had 1 successful ecosystem (silicon valley), now we have +80 ecosystems in dozens of cities. Everyone everywhere started to figure out (logically) why certain entrepreneurs win, and what it is that makes a successful startup. All of that is helpful, but somewhere along the way, we forgot what entrepreneurship and innovation are all about, we forgot that innovation is not about following a narrow set of rules, it's not all logic, the culture in silicon valley is not like most.

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