Hope is what really matters not religion!

We often confuse religion, faith & hope with each others, but the reality is that religion is just a power source for hope, one of many. And frankly, it is not a good power source, although it provides us with a larger quantity of hope than other power sources, it doesn't provide the tools to handle that hope.

All religions are built upon hope in a new & better future. But unlike hope; religion can be very limiting, it provides us with a huge amount of hope, but that hope is blind. The Hope of an afterlife is way stronger than any other source of hope, but is as dangerous as it is strong.

It's no coincidence that all of the world's greatest religions push people toward unconditional values. Whether it is the unconditional forgiveness of Jesus, or the noble path of the Buddha, or the perfect justice of Mohammed.

Steve Jobs tried to do the same when he was founding apple, and with purpose-designed it to be a cult-like organization.......that's why you find people who love their iPhone like crazy, or who feel a connection with someone just because they saw him holding his MacBook at Starbucks.

No matter the source of hope, if it is religion, community, family, an iPhone, or feminism, you will be dumb to have only 1 power source within arms reach.

Today there is a huge decline of hope in the world in general, and a need for something to replace that, that fact means that we have an opportunity here, an opportunity to boost that hope and make money at the same time.

But don't listen to me on this, listen to Sasha Strauss one of the top marketers in the world:

"We used to socialize around faiths and the non-profits we loved, but now that they are in discussion, we all feel like we are missing Something"

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