Does religion really matter?

We often confuse religion and faith, but the reality is that religion is just a power source for faith, one of many, and frankly, it is not a good power source. Religion can be very limiting, it provides a huge amount of faith, but that faith is often blind.

All religions are built upon faith in a new & better future, but that promised future does not exist in this universe. How can it? even the wealthiest and most powerful people of all time are not really happy, and happiness is what the masses seek!! Wouldn't it be easier to promise something that exists in another universe?

Everyone alive today uses our phycological bias towards hope to stop from giving up, and faith is just another word that means hope. Some people use family as a power source to generate hope, others use religion, and some use power/money. All of which can be very toxic, religion can drive innovation extinct, seeking power without values can drive a civilization into oblivion, and families can easily turn out to be toxic.

It's no coincidence that all of the world's greatest religions push people toward unconditional values. Whether it is the unconditional forgiveness of Jesus, or the noble path of the Buddha, or the perfect justice of Mohammed*. That is the exact thing that is wrong with religion, they push too much toward one edge of the spectrum, towards idealism and perfection. In those days when religion first evolved all communities were rules by ruthless kings, the weakest among them had more power than anyone you might think of today, it's only natural for prophets to appear in that period calling for idealistic ideas.

The truth is that we can get hope/faith from a number of different sources, even from a small device like an iPhone!!!

Steve Jobs tried to do the same when he was founding apple, and with purpose designed it to be a cult-like organization...….that's why you find people who love their iPhone like crazy, or who feel a connection with someone just because they saw him holding his MacBook at Starbucks.

No matter the source of hope, if it is religion, community, family, an iPhone, or feminism, you will be dumb to have only 1 power source feeding you.

Today there is a huge decline of faith in the world in general, and a need for something to replace religion, that fact means that we have an opportunity here, an opportunity to boost that faith and make money at the same time.

But don't listen to me on this, listen to Sasha Strauss one of the top marketers in the world:

" We used to socialize around faiths and the non-profits we loved, but now that they are in discussion, we all feel like we are missing Something"

Thanks for reading