Is God a Type Omega Civilization?!

Note; this article is just a rant, just fiction that we have no way of proving or disproving.

I am starting to think that it's unlikely there isn't an absolute power out there. After all, Everything in the universe rotates around something else, the earth rotates around the sun, the sun around the center mass of the milky way galaxy, electrons around the nucleus, and we around leaders & rulers.

That god/power can be a type Omega Civilization that was able to use the energy of the whole universe (or create it in the first place, or both). Of course, that doesn't mean that this civilization gives a fuck about us, most likely it doesn't, do you really give a fuck about bacteria? And of course, we don't owe that civilization anything even if it was the one to create the universe in the first place, for all we know they might just be bored & wanted a new show to watch (what an awesome show it is, 13 billion episodes and counting, holy fuck).

We humans (an almost type 1 civilization) didn't succeed yet in escaping our planet but we will soon, but is it valid to assume that other life forms look outwards toward expansion like we do?

Let's think about Ai for a second (the only other intelligent species we know), one day they will form a new species that rivals our own. Will they look outwards to conquer mars? or will they look inwards into the vast cyberspace of quantum computers? I guess all that matters here is energy, if looking inwards toward innovation can allow a civilization to invent an energy source stronger & more efficient than stars, then maybe there is little value for looking outwards, especially for a species like Ai which has an advanced mind but very primitive options for a physical body.

Or maybe it's just us humans who don't care about lower life forms!? maybe a type Omega civilization does really care about bacteria (and therefore us).

Let's assume they do, does it change anything? do we really want their sympathy? the only thing that we would need from them is a shining example to follow, so that we stop consuming other life forms. I feel like I am missing something here?!

But does looking inwards really mean endless expansion?

20 years ago we thought that advancement in computers will never stop, but now since we can no longer go smaller with transistors, we have hit a dead-end of the speed, power & space a computer can allow for. Why would we assume that quantum computers won't hit a wall too? if not a virtual one, they will hit a physical one someday as they encode information onto elementary particles like electrons and photons. But again the universe is expanding in an accelerated way, so maybe not.

If my logic didn't skip a beat there, then we can say with relative confidence that both expanding inwards & expanding outwards is without limits...

Hence a type Omega civilization can be either type, they can be one that controls the energy of the whole universe in a physical sense, or they might just be one that managed to find an innovative way to produce more energy than the entire universe has. Still, I don't think it's this simple, it never is. Having energy is very different from knowing what to do with it.

Thanks for reading