Should you even do a startup?!

I used to think that anyone can be entrepreneur, I don’t anymore. Even if everyone can be, most people shouldn’t. A startup is just like that, even if you can start one, in most cases you absolutely shouldn’t, there are way too many startups around, and everyone is talking only about the successful ones, the millions of casualties of this ecosystem are never mentioned.

A startup is not even a choice for most people, it’s only a choice for a certain type of personality which:

Loves uncertainty*: If you do your best when things are uncertain and you become almost useless when things are predictable & boring, then should start a startup. Of course, when that startup reaches a certain point, then you have to choose either to grow up and start loving the ‘corporation’ or you should accept that your place in the world is to found things and then leave.

P.S. Daily routine is exempt from this rule, if you haven’t figured out yet how to follow a tight schedule and love the routine that comes out of it, then do so.

Loves pain **(literally): All startupers are machoistic, why then would you go into a dark alley trying to find a new road when there is a perfectly fine well lite road ahead. Many tell themselves that so they had to do a startup because they couldn’t find a job, but in almost all cases, there were an easier path to get money than a startup (startups are not the way to get cash anyways).

Is weird around authority: If you feel like there is a fog spreading around In your mind when you are in the same room as someone who is more powerful then you won’t work well the corporate world, and you should either start a startup, or you should open a shop somewhere and learn to dream smaller dreams.

Even if you had all 3, it doesn’t mean you should do a startup at all. There are other things you should consider before going down that road, you can’t jump in without thinking, entrepreneurs are portraited in the media as risk loving & super ‘nuts’, but the reality is different, successful entrepreneurs find ways to minimize risk, their jobs afterall is to find predictable business modules in a world full of chaos.

Thanks for reading