Dedicated to those who do not take authority figures too seriously……

We outgrew so many ‘agreed-upon facts’ with the sole power of our mind. We searched & found the truth that was well hidden behind some powerful lies.

We caught on to lies that were endorsed by people who we once idolized, people we never ever thought could ever be so wrong about everything!!!

We escaped these lies & more…But is that good?

Of course it is good that we escaped those silly childhood stories. And no, those stories are not good for the human race, even if the people who believe in them seem happier/satisfied.

Knowing the truth about religion is something to be proud of but knowing the macro-truth doesn’t wash over the million micro-neuron pathways established by religious thought patterns.

If most atheists were unfocused & miserable then maybe religion is something we need after-all. And we simply can’t allow that to be true.

Warning: If you still not yet sure if the story of heaven & hell is real or not!! This book is not for you.